Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bhutte ka Mazza

When it is raining cats and dogs and the weather is all set to make you wet and sombre, something to enliven your mood is just round the corner.    The bhuttawalla can be espied at every nook and corner with his iron wok loaded with burning charcoal in this season.  The iron wok is not actually a wok, but a ghamela, which is generally used by masons to make cement mixture.  The soft juicy corncobs are placed on it for slow roasting and once done, they are liberally sprinkled with limejuice, salt and chillipowder.  

The humble corn is also made into tasty hot pakodas and soups.  The pakodas are made by grating the corn.  Adding gram powder (besan) and spices and deep frying it in oil.  The hot spicy pakodas accompanied by Pudina chutney are a real treat.  The dreary monsoon days becomes truly enjoyable  at the thought of emjoying this hearty luscious food. 

This is the season for going on picnics, treks, long walks in foggy mountains and after having braved the seasons chills a hot cup of chai and hot bhuttas.......ohh, it is sheer pleasure.  Then all you feel like doing is dance in the rain

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