Thursday, September 9, 2010

Police arrest man who starved, raped orphans.

Todays headline screams that this vermin, Mr. Pundalik Gole,  who was the founder of Kavdas Orphanage was arrested after the poor children who were in his custody died of illnesses and malnutrition. Five young teenaged children died in a span of two months and when the team which broke this news had visited the site they saw other five critically ill children locked in a room.  They had been forced to eat, sleep and defecate in the same room.

After this ordeal when they were handed over to the nuns for safekeeping, the wife and another family member went as Child Welfare Committee officials to the facility where the raped children are lodged and threatened them to retract their statements.

Such stories stir our hearts but we do nothing in our prowess to bring justice to these children.  Just because they were orphaned, does it mean that anybody who has their custody could play with their lives.  There is nobody to question their actions.  Our wonderful legal system will take years to arrive at a decision regarding the punishment to be meted out to Mr. Pundalik Gole.

Inspite of having the blood of so many children on his hands he will be free to live until the court ruling.  It is time the judicial system metes out punishment worthy of the crimes that people have committed.  Why should there be any delay in his punishment?  The facts have tumbled out  and the matter is fresh in everybody's mind.  This is the right time to conduct the proceedings and conclude it.

Nobody had asked him to start an orphanage.  Probably he had started the orphanage with mal intentions only.  He can't be having honourable thoughts and commit wicked deeds.  He may have sold the children in his care until now.  Who knows?  My blood boils at the sheer cruelty of this person who could harm little children left in his care and custody.

Justice should be quick and the punishment meted out should be of such extreme nature (death) that no man ever will think of harming children left in their care.

Extremely distressed............

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